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Vashe Wound Solution

Vashe Wound Solution

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Vashe Wound Solution is used for the management of wounds and skin irritation. It is a saline solution made of hydrochlorous acid that protects wounds from infections and helps to cleanse and moisturize the affected area. This wound care solution is designed to promote a moist wound healing environment, which can help to reduce pain, speed up healing, and reduce the risk of infection. Vashe Wound cleanser is suitable for use on a variety of skin conditions, including pressure ulcers, diabetic ulcers, surgical wounds, burns, and more. It is typically applied using a spray bottle or soaked dressing. Vashe Wound Solution is intended to clean, irrigate, and moisten acute and chronic wounds. The cleaning solution removes dirt, bacteria, and microorganisms from exudating or chronic wounds. It not only cleanses the wound but also accomplishes the goals of wound bed preparation in a safe, clean, and natural way.

Features Of Vashe Cleaning Solution: 

  • Mimics the normal pH of human skin.
  • Intended for cleansing, irrigating, moistening, debriding, and removing foreign material from the infection.
  • Cleared for use on acute and chronic lesions.
  • Ingredients: Hypochlorous acid (hoci)/sodium chloride.
  • Non-cytotoxic, non-irritating, non-sensitizing, no oral toxicity.
  • Cleanses debrides and removes microorganisms from the wound.

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