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Iodoflex™ Impregnated Dressing Pad

Iodoflex™ Impregnated Dressing Pad

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  • Iodoflex™ Pads are a sterile antimicrobial dressing formulation of .09 % Cadexomer Iodine
  • Cadexomer Iodine absorbs up to six times its weight in fluid.
  • As they absorb fluid, the broad spectrum antimicrobial iodine is released killing bacteria.
  • Promotes moist healing as they form a gel over the wound
  • A change in color (white) indicates when Iodoflex™ should be changed
  • Developed to build a platform for the treatment of chronic wounds.
  • Non-adhesive application, lessens trauma during changes

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  • Dublin Medical Offices: (925) 556-4297
  • *Available to ship anywhere in California or pick up at Dublin, Walnut Creek and Antioch Medical Facilities.